Hey there!

Hi, I’m Revathy. When I’m not working on my projects, I’m scrolling through art tutorials, reading something on the web, trying to play the ukulele, learning a new language, or usually doing something absolutely bonkers. I have too many ideas that I do not carry out and too many interests to do them all – but here we are, with a finally done list and a hopelessly (hopefully?) long want-to-do list.

You’re welcome to find your own way down this rabbit hole. I’ll leave you to it, and just let you know that the major categories are linked in the menus at the top of the site, and all categories can be found at the bottom of the page.

‘Art’ contains my artwork, and ‘Science’ links to all of my sci-comm articles. They’re a quick, brisk read, and I’ve made them as simple as possible + linked all resources. The ‘Personal’ category contains pieces that are not exactly fiction, while the category ‘Poems’ of course contains verse. The ‘2021’ category has lists of books and movies I have had the opportunity to experience in 2021, and probably my thoughts about them. There is a page called ‘Infinity’ that is included, and it grants us a few glimpses to the infinity we live in, around and under.

If you have any feedback/comments, I’d love to hear them. Thank you for dropping by, stick around and I hope you will have a good time!

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